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Are Google Ads Worth the Investment in South Africa?

Marketing your business online in this day and age is a bit of a no-brainer. Remember phone books? These items may be foreign to many young people today. But essentially, Google Ads are the modern equivalent. They help people find your business online based on specific search criteria.

There are two types of Google Ads. And it’s important to make the distinction between them. For the purpose of this article, we’re focusing on Google Search Ads, which give you the opportunity to appear in customers’ search results when they are specifically looking for services like yours. Display Ads – the second type of Google Ad – simply appear on websites and do not necessarily include any specific search criteria.

Your Google Ads account and you

When you have a question that no one around you is able to answer immediately, it’s highly likely that you will turn to Google. And when you search for anything specific, you will get ad posts appearing at the top of your search results page. When successful, these Google Ads text adverts can generate a variety of unique clicks that go through to your website.

The advantage of these ads is, they are quite unobtrusive and are generally relevant to exactly what you were looking for. So, if you searched for “Best Burgers in Gauteng”, you will get a bunch of ad recommendations directing you to good burger restaurants. The ads are not “In your face” and don’t necessarily look like marketing material. They simply appear at the top of the page with a small “Ad” tag attached to them.

People can, of course, adjust their Google Ad settings not to reflect their browsing history or search terms. But most commonly, people don’t do that. Besides, Google Search Ads are based on a “Pull”, not a “Push” approach – so they only appear when you search for relevant content. And, if you have ever Googled anything along the lines of “How to Stop Ads on Google” or “How to Block Google Ads”, this article may not be for you.

Two of the main benefits of having a Google Ads account are that you can get your business seen by customers looking for products or services just like yours (via Google Search or Google Maps), and you can control your budget by paying per click.

Before we get too wordy…

Once you have put your business out there via a Google Ads account, you have set up an extremely low-maintenance way of marketing your product. Simply ensuring that the right words or search terms appear in the copy on your website can elevate you to the top of the page. And built in geographical filters will ensure that you are discovered by users in the right areas.

Frenzii is a team of certified, South African-based SEO and Google Ads specialists who can put your money where your mouth is, in terms of getting your business out there and providing Google Ads pricing that won’t break the bank.

There is a fine line between creating ads that work and maintaining a level of quality in your content. Content makes people stay on your web page and continue to engage with your business once the Google Ad has done its job. At Frenzii, we strike that balance in an information-heavy world, making it surprisingly easy for you to stand out in the crowd.

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